Graduate Student Biographies

Through the efforts of its Graduate Student Representative, the Society is trying to help its graduate students make connections and network with each other and with more established scholars in the field. This list of graduate student biographies, which includes information on theses/dissertations, is one way for the rest of the Society to know what our rising members are working on.

If you are interested in having your information posted here, send your full name, school affiliation, advisor, fields of study, thesis/dissertation title, a brief 250-word bio of either the student or the project, an optional web site and an optional email to Participants must be members of the Society.

Thesis/dissertation titles in progress follow each name.

  • Michael A. Anderson
  • Tracy L. Barnett - “Armed, Drunk, and Dangerous: White Paramilitary Violence in the Civil War Era South”
  • Brandon S. Bernick - "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: The U.S. Army’s Partnership with Reinhard Gehlen 1945-1955”
  • Ryan Booth - "Crossed Arrows: The US Indian Scouts, 1866-1947'
  • Carole Butcher - "A Brave and Gallant Man: William Henry Young and Young’s Scouts"
  • Alexandre F. Caillot - The Forgotten Boys of the Ninth Corps: Union Conscripts, Enlistees, and Heavy Artillerymen from the Wilderness to Appomattox
  • Sam Canter - "Offset Strategies and the American Approach to Military Competition Against Nuclear Powers"
  • Jacian Carr - "Poro War:  Secret Societies, Spirit Possessions and the Exercise of Violence during the First Liberian Civil War, 1989-1996"
  • Jessica Ellis
  • Kimberly Ann Enderle - "On Shifting Ground: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII – Public Images, Private Realities and the Burdens of Lasting Progress"
  • Darrell E. Fawley, III
  • Nathan K. Finney - "The Impact of US National Decision-Making on the Mobilization of the American Expeditionary Force for the First World War, 1914-1919”
  • Marco P. Fiorito
  • Matthew A. Frakes - "Rogue States: The Making of America’s Global War on Terror, 1980–1994"
  • Nathan Grau - "France’s Forgotten Soldiers: Local Paramilitaries on the Frontlines of Decolonization, 1945-1962"
  • Joseph Guido - "Contours of the Ogaden War”
  • Heather M. Haley - “Where Individual Rights End and State Rights Begin: Challenges to Servicemember Citizenship Rights in Twentieth Century America”
  • Charles B. Harris - "Surest Guarantee of Peace: Rhetoric, Consumer Culture, and the Popularization of American Naval Power, 1883-1909"
  • Aaron Heft - (Untitled) 28th Division at Fismes and Fismette, August-September 1918
  • Darren L. Johnson
  • Scott Madere - “Modern Problems, Ancient Answers: The Influence of Classical Antiquity on Eighteenth-century European Warfare”
  • Philip McCarty - "Point of Failure: British Army Brigadiers in France and Norway, 1940"
  • Laurence Merl Nelson III - (untitled) U.S. Occupation of Nicaragua, 1927-1933
  • Eileen Palma
  • Manaswini Ramkumar - "Do They Really Have a 'Right to be Wrong'? Military Response to Undemocratic Civilian Leadership
  • Heather Salazar - "'We Are Not in Anybody's Backyard, And We Are Definitely Not For Sale': Grenada's Challenge to United States' Cold War Policy"
  • Gregory Stern - "Designing Victory on the Civil War’s Sea: The Development and Use of Ironclad Warships in the American Civil War, 1830-1865"
  • Carson Teuscher - "War Without Borders: An International History of Allied Coalition Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1942–1945"
  • Kate Tietzen - "Saddam Hussein’s Security Apparatus, 1968-1980"
  • Matthew Vajda
  • Richard A. Wasserman - "New Jersey’s support to The First World War and It’s Memorialization"
  • Rob Williams - “The Airborne Mafia: Organizational Culture and Institutional Change in the U.S. Army, 1940–1994”
  • Michael Wynd - "The Royal New Zealand Navy in the Pacific War 1941-1946: A Small Nation’s Navy in a Big War and Our Relationship to the United States Navy"
  • Yip Yuk Lum Jennifer - "Of Rice and Men: Nationalist Grain Transport Policies in Wartime China, 1937-1945"
  • Cameron Zinsou - "The Strategic and Operational Debate over Operation Anvil: The Allied Invasion of Southern France in August, 1944"