SMH 2024 Mentoring Program

SMH will continue its tradition of offering mentorship to graduate students and junior scholars at its Annual Meeting. Mentors will meet with them over coffee during open intervals, usually during the breakfast or lunch hours.
Mentors can offer general guidance on archives and research methods, discipline/field issues, or other specifics that mentees seek out.

Topics on which mentors have offered advice previously include:
  • making the transition between careers in the service and academia
  • beginning graduate school later in life
  • being a minority identity
  • advice on how to approach writing a second book after the dissertation becomes the first
  • "Alt Ac" opportunities in the federal government, nonprofits, and museums
For more information, to request mentorship, or to become a mentor, please email and make sure to mark yourself as a mentor/mentee when you register for SMH2024!
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