Guide to Graduate Programs in Military History

Finding an appropriate graduate program in military history can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. To that end, the Society for Military History has developed this online guide to graduate programs in military history. This guide contains information about all sizes and types of military history graduate programs, from small MA programs with one faculty member all the way up to the large PhD programs with multiple faculty. The Guide can be viewed in four ways:

Over time, the Society plans for this Guide to be comprehensive, international, and regularly updated. To make that possible, we ask that our colleagues at academic institutions around the world fill out the Graduate Guide Submission Form with information about their programs. Information for each graduate program will be posted as it becomes available.

Those considering graduate school will find this additional resource to be useful in their search:

The information on these pages was provided by individual universities, and inclusion on the list does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the Society for Military History.