Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Updated October 2023

Angela Zombek, “Defending the U.S.’s Southernmost Possessions: Union Volunteers Occupation of Fort Jefferson and Key West, Florida”

Tyler Bamford, “You Can Take It with You: U.S. Army War Trophy Regulations in World War II”

Thomas Jamison, “Rescuing Heritage from Humiliation: The PRC Navalist Reinterpretation of the Sino-French and Sino-Japanese Wars”

Brandon Kinney, “Fete Diplomacy and the American Military Government’s Cultural Mission in Postwar Germany”

Jonathan Pieri and Fabio de Ninno, “Polycracy, Fascism and the Armed Forces: The Development of Italian Air-Naval Cooperation, 1919-1940”

Kaushik Roy, “Hybrid Logistics and Small War: The Chin-Lushai Expeditions along the India-Burma Frontier, 1888-1892”

Note: This list includes only some of the articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History.
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