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The National WWII Museum invites applications for the “Faculty Summer Seminar in World War II History” to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from June 23–29, 2024. This seminar is intended to develop the knowledge and understanding of World War II for active college or university faculty who wish to teach, advocate, or design history courses regarding this significant conflict. Full details at


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Kaete O’Connell and Adam Seipp are organizing an International Summer Research Workshop at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum this summer on “The US Military and the Holocaust.”  (July 15-26)
More information and application instructions at:

ICMH André Corvisier Prize for Ph.D. Theses in Military History
VIII edition – 2024

1. The International Commission of Military History ( awards the “André Corvisier Prize for Ph.D. theses in Military History”, named after the distinguished French scholar who served for ten years as President and later as President of Honour of ICMH.

2. The Ph.D. degree can be awarded in any academic discipline and is not restricted to Military History only. However, the thesis must deal with Military History in the broadest sense: the history of warfare, military campaigns, the armed forces, military thought and philosophy, diplomatic aspects of conflicts, causes and effects of wars, defence economics, civil-military relations, military technology, military leadership, and demographics of military forces. To be eligible, applicants must come from a country where there is an ICMH National Commission or, if there isn’t one, they must apply and be accepted as ICMH Individual Affiliate Scholars.

3. For the 2024 edition, the prize will be awarded for a Ph.D. thesis approved in 2023 at a recognized university. The amount of the Prize is fixed at € 3,000 plus a maximum of € 1,500 to cover the recipient’s expenses for participation to the award ceremony during the XLVIII ICMH Congress in Lisbon in early September 2024.

4. Candidates must send a scanned certificate of their Ph.D. degree, a curriculum vitae, and a PdF copy of their thesis to ICMH Senior Vice President, Dr. Efpraxia Paschalidou before 31st Jan 2024.

5. The thesis may be in any language; however, a translation in any of the ICMH official languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) is required if the language employed is different. This applies also to the scanned certification of the Ph.D. title and to the curriculum vitae.

6. The Prize will be awarded by a Jury of seven persons, chaired by the ICMH President and including the members of the ICMH Executive Board and the President and the Secretary of the ICMH Educational Committee. With the approval of the ICMH President, members of the Jury unable to participate may designate a substitute. The Jury may decide not to award the Prize if no thesis is considered worthy or may decide to award it ex aequo to two doctors, dividing the amount of money. The Jury’s decisions are taken by simple majority; in case of parity of votes the President’s vote determines the decision.

7. The winner will be required to write an article drawn from his thesis to be published in the International Journal of Military History and Historiography, after peer review.

8. Requests for any further information should be addressed to Dr. Paschalidou.

The Edwin Mellen Press We are looking to increase our current pool of authors at The Edwin Mellen Press in the discipline of Military related studies. We are a non-subsidy academic publisher of scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences. Our sole criterion for publication is that a manuscript makes a contribution to scholarship. We publish monographs, critical editions, collections, translations, revisionist studies, constructive essays, bibliographies, dictionaries, reference guides and dissertations.

Mellen Press has published over 10,000 works in numerous disciplines, including military subjects of a scholarly nature. We publish 300 scholarly works a year. We offer recognition awards (for superior scholarship), royalties, authors maintain copyright, peer reviews and we have a world wide distribution network of libraries and direct sales. For submissions we are looking for scholarly works on a wide variety of Military issues and topics.
Please tell us about your work by emailing us at Including your phone number will also be helpful. We will get back to you in 7 business days or less. For more information, please contact: Edwin. Mellen Press Philip Viverito/ Editor/Direct

Project CHECO: The Air Force Experience in Vietnam" ( seeks to textually digitize a semi-curated collection of documents held at the Air Force archive. It also supports research into the correlation between demographics and crowdsourcing effectiveness.

The Air Force created Project CHECO (Contemporary Historical Examination of Current Operations) in 1962 to analyze issues of immediate concern to various echelons of the service. Over the course of fifteen years, authors completed more than 250 reports on topics that included special operations, conventional air operations, rules of engagement, training, air base defense, and many others. Arguably, the Project CHECO reports represent the single-most comprehensive collection of Air Force-produced documents detailing its activities in the Vietnam War. The vast majority of these have been declassified and approved for public release, and only the publicly-available studies are being used for this project.

For the volunteer, this is a trifecta of opportunities: A chance to learn about U.S. Air Force history in Southeast Asia from the perspective of the service itself; contribute to digital history through the textual digitization of a portion of the USAF archive (similar to efforts by NARA, LOC, and the Smithsonian); and, last but not least, help me gather data for my dissertation!

The process is simple:
1. Fill out a demographic form (individual identities will not be associated with performance)
2. Review some directions for the site.
3. Correct or transcribe a document from the Air Force archive.
4. Take a survey.

THAT'S IT! If you have any questions, please contact me at Thanks, Dave

Joint Force Quarterly seeks history submissions for its “Recall” Section
Joint Force Quarterly, published by the National Defense University Press, is looking for articles of 2,500 - 5,000 words or less for its Recall section.  Recall focuses on historical issues often of contemporary relevance to the joint force.   JFQ is the Chairman's joint military and security studies journal designed to inform and educate national security professionals on joint and integrated operations; whole of government contributions to national security policy and strategy; homeland security; and developments in training and joint military education to better equip America's military and security apparatus to meet tomorrow's challenges while protecting freedom today.  Instructions for submission of articles is at:  Any questions can be sent to

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