Membership Database and Directory

The Society for Military History uses a membership database system in affiliation with Event Rebels that allows members to access a self-service portal to renew their memberships, change their mailing addresses, and update their directory listings. A log-in and password will be sent by email to access your membership records.

SMH members can exclude their names and contact information from the online directory. To opt out of the Directory, either log into your membership record and check the appropriate box, or email the Society at Any changes will be reflected in the next monthly update of the Directory.

The membership directory, which will be updated on the Society for Military History's web site every month, is provided as a convenience to SMH members. The contents of this directory can be searched using Adobe Reader's regular search feature and the document can be printed for personal use. However, to protect the directory from being easily exploited as an impromptu mailing list, the text contained within cannot be selected, copied, and pasted into other programs.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Outside parties have used our freely-available directory to subject Society members to spam and phishing attacks. Therefore, the directory can no longer be viewed by members of the general public and is now password protected. Every quarter, members of the Society receive an email from EBSCO that provides a username and password for accessing The Journal of Military History online. That same password (NOT the username) will allow members to access the Membership Directory as well.

: Testing has revealed that searching the directory works only with Adobe Reader. If you are a Mac user and use Preview (the OS X default PDF reader), the search function will not work. Those users can download an OS X version of Adobe Reader. When you download the software, you may receive a prompt that looks like you have to pay for access. Just ignore it, as the basic version of Adobe Reader is free.
View/Download the Directory:
Click here to download or view the Directory using Adobe Reader (available here). The directory was last updated in October 2022. To access the Directory, use the same password as you received quarterly to access The Journal of Military History online.
Updating My Information in the Directory and Membership Database:
Members who wish to update their information in the Society's database can do so by logging into the Society’s Membership Portal, available here, or by mail to:

The Journal of Military History
George C. Marshall Library
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA 24450

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