Journal of Military History Open Access Policy

It is the predominant interest and desire of the Society for Military History to protect its copyright in all its forms, but notably in the print and electronic versions of The Journal of Military History. The Society has international interests and membership. It cannot permit one section of those interests in pursuit of any government-sponsored research exercise or any other comparable bureaucratic imperative, to override that copyright by the embrace of “open access,” which represents a major challenge to its copyright. The Editors of The Journal of Military History, therefore, will not consider for publication any article, from whatever source, that involves the infringement of the Society’s copyright. It considers the interests of all its members to be paramount and is determined to defend them.  Accordingly, no version of any work published in The Journal of Military History may be posted on any open access website, including an author’s personal website, with the exception of the following: Authors who prepare their works while employed by a government institution may, if required by their employer, provide the published version of their work to that institution’s electronic archive; the same will apply to authors who have received support from public or private granting agencies and who are asked by those agencies to deposit copies of their published work in their electronic archives.
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