The Vandervort Prizes

The Vandervort Prizes are named in honor of Dr. Bruce Vandervort, former editor of The Journal of Military History, in recognition of his long and valuable service to the Society for Military History. There are four prizes awarded each year, at least two of which come from The Journal of Military History during the previous calendar year. Awardees receive an engraved plaque and $200. The nomination process is explained here.

Prior to 2020, these awards were known as the Moncado Prizes and were normally awarded annually to the authors of the best articles published in each issue of The Journal of Military History during the previous calendar year.

2023 Vandervort Prize Winners:
  • Baihui Duan and Rebekah Clements, “Fighting for Forests: Protection and Exploitation of Kŏje Island Timber during the East Asian War of 1592–1598”, Environmental History, 27:3 (July 2022)
  • John Kuehn, “Zumwalt, Holloway, and the Soviet Navy Threat Leadership in a Time of Strategic, Social, and Cultural Change”, Journal of Advanced Military Studies, 13:2 (2022)
  • Phillip Kemmerly, “Logistics of U. S. Grant's 1863 Mississippi Campaign: From the Amphibious Landing at Bruinsburg to the Siege of Vicksburg”, Journal of Military History, 86:3 (July 2022)
  • Dukhee Yun, “The “Push of Pike” in Seventeenth-Century English Infantry Combat," Journal of Military History, 86:4 (October 2022)

2022 Vandervort Prize Winners:
  • Sarah Caputo, "Treating, Preventing, Feigning, Concealing: Sickness, Agency and the Medical Culture of the British Naval Seaman at the End of the Long Eighteenth Century," Social History of Medicine
  • David Fitzgerald, “Warriors Who Don’t Fight: The Post–Cold War United States Army and Debates over Peacekeeping Operations, JMH V. 1
  • Lucian Staiano-Daniels, “"Masters in the Things of War: Rethinking Military Justice during the Thirty Years War," German History
  • Brian Walsh, “‘This Degrading Slavery’: MacArthur’s General Headquarters and Prostitution Policy during the Occupation of Japan,” JMH V. 3

2021 Vandervort Prize Winners:
  • Stefanie Rauch, “Good Bets, Bad Bets, and Dark Horses: Allied Intelligence Officers’ Encounters with German Civilians, 1944 – 1945,” Central European History 53:1 (March 2020): 120-145.
  • James Turner, “Tortilla, Pepper, Chocolate, and Mezcal: A Food History of the U.S.-Mexican War, 1846–1848,” Journal of the Southwest 62 (Spring 2020): 145-176.
  • Miguel A. López, “The Survival of Auftragstaktik during the Soviet Counterattack in the Battle for Moscow, December 1941 to January 1942,” Journal of Military History 84:1 (January 2020), 187-212.
  • Ryan Wadle, “Failing to Speak the Same Language: The Roots of ‘Jointness’ in the United States, 1919–1941,” Journal of Military History 84:4 (October 2020): 1097-1126

2020 Vandervort Prize Winners:
  • Michael J. Crawford (Naval History and Heritage Command), “Avast Swabbing! The Medical Campaign to Reform Swabbing the Deck in the U.S. Navy,” The Journal of Military History 83 (January 2019)
  • David K. Yelton (Gardner-Webb University), “Older German Officers and National Socialist Activism: Evidence from the German Volkssturm,” The Journal of Military History 83 (April 2019)
  • Elizabeth Pearson (Independent Scholar), “Decimation and Unit Cohesion: Why Were Roman Legionaries Willing to Perform Decimation?” The Journal of Military History 83 (July 2019)
  • Donald P. Wright (Army University Press), “‘Clouds Gathering on the Horizon’: The Russian Army and the Preparation of the Imperial Population for War, 1906-1914,” The Journal of Military History 83 (October 2019)

2019 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Andrea Siotto (Temple University), “Mapping the First World War: The Empowering Development of Mapmaking during the First World War in the British Army,” The Journal of Military History 82 (January 2018)
  • Brian Drohan (U.S. Military Academy), “Unintended Consequences: Baton Rounds, Riots, and Counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland, 1970–1981,” The Journal of Military History 82 (April 2018)
  • Perry Biddiscombe (University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), “The Mufti’s Men: Haj Amin al-Husayni and SS Parachute Expeditions to Palestine and Iraq, 1944–1945," The Journal of Military History 82 (July 2018)
  • Thomas M. Jamison (Harvard University), “The War of the Pacific, Technology and U.S. Naval Development: An International History of Regional War,” The Journal of Military History 82 (October 2018)

2018 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Gregor Kranjc, “Fight or Flight: Desertion, Defection, and Draft-Dodging in Occupied Slovenia, 1941–1945,” The Journal of Military History 81 (January 2017)
  • Rory M. McGovern, “The School of Experience: George W. Goethals and the U.S. Army, 1876–1907,” The Journal of Military History 81 (April 2017)
  • Matthew S. Muehlbauer, “Holy War and Just War in Early New England, 1630–1655”, The Journal of Military History 81 (July 2017)
  • Michael Sturma, “Coco Solo Submarines: Protecting the Panama Canal, 1941–1942,” The Journal of Military History 81 (October 2017)

2017 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Thomas Dodman, "1814 and the Melancholy of War," The Journal of Military History 80 (January 2016)
  • Richard Hammond, "Fighting Under a Different Flag: Multinational Naval Cooperation and Submarine Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1940-1944,” The Journal of Military History 80 (April 2016)
  • James Matthews, "Battling Bolshevik Bogeymen: Spain’s Cordon Sanitaire against Revolution from a European Perspective, 1917-1923,” The Journal of Military History 80 (July 2016)
  • Robert N. Watt, “An Exodus to Nowhere”?: Victorio’s Tres Castillos Campaign, September – October 1880,” The Journal of Military History 80 (October 2016)

2016 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ricardo A. Herrera, "'[T]he zealous activity of Capt. Lee': Light-Horse Harry Lee and Petite Guerre," The Journal of Military History 79 (January 2015)
  • Vanya Eftimova Bellinger, "The Other Clausewitz: Findings from the Newly Discovered Correspondence between Marie and Carl von Clausewitz,” The Journal of Military History 79 (April 2015)
  • Kenneth M. Swope, "Manifesting Awe: Grand Strategy and Imperial Leadership in the Ming Dynasty,” The Journal of Military History 79 (July 2015)
  • Elizabeth Greenhalgh, "General Ferdinand Foch and Unified Allied Command in 1918,” The Journal of Military History 79 (October 2015)

2015 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Brian N. Hall, “Technological Adaptation in a Global Conflict: The British Army and Communications beyond the Western Front, 1914-1918," The Journal of Military History 78 (January 2014)
  • J. C. A. Stagg, “Freedom and Subordination: Disciplinary Problems in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812,” The Journal of Military History 78 (April 2014)
  • Christina J. M. Goulter, “The Greek Civil War: A National Army’s Counterinsurgency Triumph,” The Journal of Military History 78 (July 2014)
  • Kevin M. Boylan, “No ‘Technical Knockout’: Giap’s Artillery at Dien Bien Phu.” The Journal of Military History 78 (October 2014)

2014 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Jonathan Krause, “The French Battle for Vimy Ridge, Spring 1915,” The Journal of Military History 77 (January 2013)
  • Ken Young, “Special Weapon, Special Relationship: The Atomic Bomb Comes to Britain,” The Journal of Military History 77 (April 2013)
  • Bruce Collins, “Defining Victor in Victorian Warfare, 1860-1882,” The Journal of Military History 77 (July 2013)
  • Thomas Bruscino, “Naturally Clausewitzian: U.S. Army Theory and Education from Reconstruction to the Interwar Years,” The Journal of Military History 77 (October 2013)

2013 Moncado Prize Winners:
This year, the Moncado Awards Committee deemed two articles in issue Number 1 worthy of the award.
  • Huw J. Davies, “Diplomats as Spymasters: A Case Study of the Peninsular War, 1809-1813,” The Journal of Military History 76 (January 2012)
  • Jay Lockenour, “Black and White Memories of War: Victimization and Violence in West German War Films of the 1950s,” The Journal of Military History 76 (January 2012)
  • Nate Probasco, “The Role of Commoners and Print in Elizabethan England’s Acceptance of Firearms,” The Journal of Military History 76 (April 2012)
  • David R. Stone, “Misreading Svechin: Attrition, Annihilation and Historicism,” The Journal of Military History 76 (July 2012)
  • Donald E. Graves, “Why the White House Was Burned: An Investigation into the British Destruction of Public Buildings at Washington in August 1814,” The Journal of Military History 76 (October 2012)

2012 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ilya Berkovich, “The Battle of Forbie and the Second Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem,” The Journal of Military History 75 (January 2011)
  • Robert T. Foley, “Learning War’s Lessons:  the German Army and the Battle of the Somme,” The Journal of Military History 75 (April 2011)
  • Ian Germani, “Terror in the Army:  Representatives on Mission and Military Discipline in the Armies of the French Revolution,” The Journal of Military History 75 (July 2011)
  • William M. Donnelly, “Bilko’s Army:  A Crisis in Command,” The Journal of Military History 75 (October 2011)

2011 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Yuval Noah Harari, “Armchairs, Coffee, and Authority: Eye-witnesses and Flesh-witnesses Speak about War,” The Journal of Military History 74 (January 2010)
  • Marc Milner, “Stopping the Panzers: Reassessing the Role of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division in Normandy, 7-10 June 1944,” The Journal of Military History 74 (April 2010)
  • Greg Kennedy, “Anglo-American Strategic Relations and Intelligence Assessments of Japanese Air Power 1934-1941,” The Journal of Military History 74 (July 2010)
  • John T. Kuehn, “The U.S. Navy General Board and Naval Arms Limitation: 1922-1937,” The Journal of Military History 74 (October 2010)

2010 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • John Morgan, “War Feeding War? The Impact of Logistics on the Napoleonic Occupation of Catalonia,” The Journal of Military History 73 (January 2009)
  • Irving W. Levinson, “A New Paradigm for an Old Conflict: The Mexico-United States War,” The Journal of Military History 73 (April 2009)
  • Brian Holden Reid, “Michael Howard and the Evolution of Modern War Studies,” The Journal of Military History 73 (July 2009)
  • Kevin M. Boylan, “The Red Queen’s Race: Operation Washington Green and Pacification, 1969-70,” The Journal of Military History 73 (October 2009)

2009 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Bradley Lynn Coleman, “Recovering the Korean War Dead, 1950-1958: Graves Registration, Forensic Anthropology, and Wartime Memorialization,” The Journal of Military History 72 (January 2008)
  • Kenneth P. Werrell, "Across the Yalu: Rules of Engagement and the Communist Air Sanctuary during the Korean War," The Journal of Military History 72 (April 2008)
  • Edward L. Dreyer, “Zhao Chongguo: A Professional Soldier of the Former Han Dynasty,” The Journal of Military History 72 (July 2008)
  • Andrew J. Birtle, “PROVN, Westmoreland, and the Historians: A Reappraisal," The Journal of Military History 72 (October 2008)

2008 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Donald Kagay, "The Defense of the Crown of Aragon during the War of the Two Pedros, 1356-1366," The Journal of Military History 71 (January 2007)
  • Lorraine White, "Strategic Geography and the Spanish Habsburg Monarchy's Failure to Recover Portugal, 1640-1668." The Journal of Military History 71 (April 2007)
  • William Philpott and Martin Alexander, "The French and British Field Force: Moral Support or Material Contribution?" The Journal of Military History 71 (July 2007)
  • Douglas Peifer, "The Past in the Present: Passion, Politics, and the Historical Profession in the German and British Pardons Campaign." The Journal of Military History 71 (October 2007)

2007 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Andrea Brady, "Dying with Honour: Literary Propaganda and the Second English Civil War," The Journal of Military History 70 (January 2006): 9-30.
  • Stephen R. Ortiz, "The 'New Deal' for Veterans: The Economy Act, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Origins of New Deal Dissent," The Journal of Military History 70 (April 2006): 415-438.
  • Tim Cook, "The Politics of Surrender: Canadian Soldiers and the Killing of Prisoners in the Great War," The Journal of Military History 70 (July 2006): 637-666.
  • Ciro Paoletti, "Prince Eugene of Savoy, the Toulon Expedition of 1707, and the English Historians-A Dissenting View," The Journal of Military History 70 (October 2006): 939-962.

2006 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Kenneth Swope, "Crouching Tigers, Secret Weapons"
  • Nicholas Lambert, "Strategic Command and Control for Maneuver Warfare"
  • Kaushik Roy, "Military Synthesis in South Asia"
  • Timothy Mulligan, "Ship of the Line or Atlantic Raider?"

2005 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Roger V. Dingman, "Language at War: US Marine Corps Japanese Language Officers in the Pacific War"
  • Robert S. Burrell, "Breaking the Cycle of Iwo Jima Mythology: A Strategic Study of Operation Detachment"
  • Joseph C. Fitzharris, "Field Officer Courts and US Civil War Military Justice"
  • G. J. Bryant, "Asymetric Warfare: The British Experience in Eighteenth-Century India"

2004 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Michael V. Leggiere, "From Berlin to Leipzig: Napoleon's Gamble in North Germany, 1813"
  • Robert A. Doughty, "French Strategy in 1914: Joffre's Own"
  • Terence M. Holmes, "Classical Blitzkrieg: The Untimely Modernity of Schlieffen's Cannae Programme"
  • Jon Tetsuro Sumida, "A Matter of Timing: The Royal Navy and the Tactics of Decisive Battle, 1912-1916"

2003 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Patrick J. Kelly, "Strategy, Tactics and Turf Wars: Tirpitz and the Oberkommando der Marine, 1892-1895"
  • Brian M. Linn, "The American Way of War Revisited"
  • Roger R. Reese, "Red Army Professionalism and the Communist Party."
  • Thomas R. Searle, "'It Made a Lot of Sense to Kill Skilled Workers': The Firebombing of Tokyo in March 1945"

2002 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • David J. Fitzpatrick, "Emory Upton and the Citizen Soldier"
  • Edward Westermann, "Fighting for the Heavens from the Ground: German Ground-based Air Defenses in the Great War, 1914-1918"
  • Michael Coles, "Ernest J. King And The British Pacific Fleet: The Conferences at Quebec, 1944 ("Octagon")"
  • Michael I. Whitby, "Matelots, Martinets, and Mutineers: The Mutiny in HCMS Iroquois, 19 July 1943"

2001 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Tan Tai-Yong, "An Imperial Home-Front: Punjab and the First World War."
  • Gian P. Gentile, "Shaping the Past Battlefield, 'For the Future'" The United States Strategic Bombing Survey's Evaluation of the American Air War Against Japan."
  • Harold R. Winton, "Toward An American Philosophy of Command."

2000 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • D. George Boyce, "From Assaye to the Assaye: Reflections on British Government, Force and Moral Authority in India."
  • John Ferris, "Fighter Defence Before Fighter Command: The Rise of Strategic Air Defence in Great Britain, 1917-1934."
  • William Rawling, "The Challenge of Modernization: The Royal Canadian Navy and Antisubmarine Weapons, 1944-1945."
  • Conrad C. Crane, "Raiding the Beggar's Pantry: The Search for Airpower Strategy in the Korean War."

1999 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Nicholas A. Lambert, "'Our Bloody Ships' or 'Our Bloody System'? Jutland and the Loss of the Battle Cruisers, 1916."
  • Robert G. Angevine, "The Rise and Fall of the Office of Naval Intelligence, 1882-1892: A Technological Perspective."
  • Xiaoming Zhang, "China and the Air War in Korea, 1950-1953."
  • Mark R. Grandstaff, "Preserving the 'Habits and Usages of War': William Tecumseh Sherman, Professional Reform, and the U.S. Army Officer Corps, 1865-1881, Revisited."

1998 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • A. J. Bacevich, "The Paradox of Professionalism: Eisenhower, Ridgway, and the Challenge to Civilian Control, 1953-1955," 61/2:303-333.
  • David T. Fautua, "The Long Pull Army: NSC 68, the Korean War, and the Creation of the Cold War U.S. Army," 61/1: 93-120.
  • D. M. Giangreco, "Casualty Projections for the U.S. Invasions of Japan, 1945-1946: Planning and Policy Implications," 61/3: 521-581.
  • Michael A. Palmer, "'The Soul's Right Hand': Command and Control in the Age of Fighting Sail, 1652-1827," 61/4: 679-705.

1997 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Antulio J. Echevarria, "General Staff Historian Hugo Freiherr von Freytag-Loringhoven and the Dialectics of German Military Thought," 60/3: 471-494.
  • Phillip S. Meilinger, "Trenchard and 'Morale Bombing': The Evolution of Royal Air Force Doctrine Before World War II," 60/2: 243-270.
  • Antonio Santosuosso, "Kadesh Revisited: Reconstruction of the Battle Between the Egyptians and the Hittites," 60/3: 423-444.
  • Xiaoming Zhang, "The Vietnam War, 1964-1969: A Chinese Perspective," 60/4: 731-762.

1996 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Daniel Hughes, " Schlichting, Schlieffen, and the Prussian Theory of War in 1914," 59/2: 257-277.
  • Nicholas Lambert, "Admiral Sir John Fisher and the Concept of Flotilla Defense, 1904-1909," 59/4: 639-660.
  • Jon Sumida, "Sir John Fisher and the Dreadnought: The Source of Naval Mythology." 59/4: 619-637.
  • Geoffrey Wawro, "An 'Army of Pigs': The Technical, Social and Political Bases of Austrian Shock Tactics, 1859-1866," 59/3: 407-433.

1995 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Mark Clodfelter, "Pinpointing Devastation: American Air Campaign Planning Before Pearl Harbor," 58/1: 75-80.
  • Edward M. Coffman, "The American 15th Infantry Regiment in China, 1912-1935," 58/1: 57-74.
  • Timothy Nenninger, "Leavenworth and Its Critics: The U.S. Army Command and General Staff School, 1920-1940," 58/2: 199-231.
  • John Nolan, "The Militarization of the Elizabethan State." 58/3: 391-420.

1994 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • D'Ann Campbell, "Women in Combat: The World War II experience in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union," 57/2: 301-323.
  • Clifford Rogers, "The Military Revolutions of the Hundred Years War," 57/2: 241-278.
  • Jon Sumida, "British Naval Operational Logistics, 1914-1918," 57/3: 447-480.
  • Everett Wheeler, "Methodological Limits and the Mirages of Roman Strategy," 57/1: 7-41.

1993 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • William M McBride, "The "Greatest Patron of Science"?: The Navy-Academia Alliance and U.S. Naval Research, 1896-1923," 56/1: 7-34.
  • Jeffrey Gunsburg, "The Battle of the Belgian Plain, 12-14 May 1940: The First Great Tank Battle," 56/2: 207-244.
  • Dale Wilson, "Recipe for Failure: Major General Edward M. Almond and Preparation of the U.S. 92d Infantry Division for Combat in World War II," 56/3: 473-488.
  • Lawrence Sondhaus, "Strategy, Tactics, and the Politics of Penury: The Austro-Hungarian Navy and the Jeune Ecole"," 56/4: 587-602.

1992 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • John Shiner, "The General and the Subcommittee: Congress and U.S. Army Air Corps Chief Benjamin Foulois, 1934-35," 55/4: 487-506.
  • Leonard V Smith, "The Disciplinary Dilemma of French Military Justice, September 1914-April 1917," 55/1: 47-68.
  • Mark A. Vargas, "The Military Justice System and the Use of Illegal Punishments as Causes of Desertion in the U.S Army, 1821-1835," 55/1: 1-19.
  • Robert Epstein, "Creation and Evolution of the Army Corps in the American Civil War," 55/1: 21-46.

1991 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Janann Sherman, "They Either Need These Women or They Do Not': Margaret Chase Smith and the Fight for Regular Status for Women in the Military," 54/1: 47-78.
  • George Raudzens, "War-Winning Weapons: The Measurement of Technological Determinism in Military History," 54/4: 403-434.
  • Charles J. Gross, "George Owen Squier and the Origins of American Military Aviation," 54/3: 281-306.
  • William B Skelton, "Social Roots of the American Military Profession: The Officer Corps of America's First Peacetime Army, 1784-1789," 54/4: 435-452.

1990 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Donald Horward, "Jean-Jacques Pelet: Warrior of the Sword and Pen," 53/1: 1-22.
  • Gunther Rothenburg, "The Austro Hungarian Campaign against Serbia in 1914," 53/2: 127-146.
  • Robert Berlin, "United States Army Corps Commanders: A Composite Biography," 53/2: 147-168.
  • Peter Paret, "Military Power," 53/3: 239-256.

1989 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Roger Anders, "The Atomic Bomb and the Korean War: Gordon Dean and the Issue of Civilian Control," 52/1: 1-6.
  • Clark Reynolds, "John H. Tower, the Morrow Board, and Reform of the Navy's Aviation," 52/2: 78-84.
  • Mark Clodfelter, "Between Virtue and Necessity: Nathaniel Greene and the Conflict of Civil Military Relations in the South, 1780-1782," 52/4: 169-175.
  • Edward Mark, "A New Look at Operation Strangle," 52/4: 176-184.

1988 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • James Sadkovich, "The Development of the Italian Air Force Prior to World War II," 51/3: 128-136.
  • Timothy Nenninger, "Tactical Dysfunction in the AEF," 51/4: 177-181.
  • Brian Linn, "Provincial Pacification in the Philippines, 1900-1901: The First District, Department of Northern Luzon," 51/2: 62-66.
  • William McAndrew, "Fire or Movement? Canadian Tactical Doctrine, Sicily-1943," 51/3: 140-145.

1987 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Alvin D. Coox, "Repulsing the Pearl Harbor Revisionists: The State of the Present Literature on the Debacle," 50/1: 29-31.
  • Andre Ausems, "The Netherlands Military Intelligence Summaries, 1939-1940 and the Defeat of the Blitzkrieg of May 1940," 50/4: 190-199.
  • Edward Goedeken, "Charles Dawes and the Military Board of Allied Supply," 50/1: 1-6.
  • J.W. A. Whitehorne, "The Survival of the Duquesne Grays, 1917," 50/4: 179-184.

1986 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Timothy Mulligan, "The German Navy Evaluates Its Cryptographic Security, October 1941," 49/2: 75-79.
  • Charles Gross, "The Birth of the Air National Guard, 1943-1946," 49/2: 49/2: 69-74.
  • Archer Jones and Andrew Keogh, "The Dreadnought Revolution: Another Look," 49/3: 124-131.
  • Paul Douglas Humphries, "Of Arms and Men' Siege and Battle Tactics in the Catalan Grand Chronicles," 49/4: 173-178.

1985 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ernest Andrade, Jr., "The Cruiser Controversy in Naval Limitations Negotiations, 1922-1936," 48/3; 113-120.
  • Edward Drea, "Missing Intentions: Japanese Intelligence and the Soviet Invasion of Manchuria, 1945," 48/2: 66-73.
  • John D. Milligan, "From Theory to Application: The Emergence of the American Ironclad War Vessel," 48/1: 126-132.
  • William P. Snyder "Walter Bedell Smith: Eisenhower's Chief of Staff," 48/1: 6-14.

1984 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Daniel Beaver, "Politics and Policy: The War Department Motorization and Standardization Program for Wheeled Transport Vehicles, 1920-1940," 47/3: 101-108.
  • George Q Flynn, "Lewis Hershey and the Conscientious Objector: The World War II Experience," 47/1: 1-6.
  • Donal Sexton, "Phantoms of the North: British Deceptions in Scandinavia, 1941-1944," 47/3: 109-114.
  • Thomas Watkins, "Roman Legionary Fortresses and the Cities of Modern Europe," 47/1: 15-25.

1983 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • George Herring, "American Strategy in Vietnam: The Postwar Debate," 46/2: 57-63.
  • W.A. Jacobs, "Air Support for the British Army, 1939-1943," 46/4: 174-182.
  • John Sbrega, "Anglo-American Relations and the Selection of Mountbatten as Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia," 46/3: 139-145.
  • Joseph L. Strange, "The British Rejection of Operation SLEDGEHAMMER, An Alternative Motive," 46/1: 6-14.

1982 Moncado Prize Winners:

1981 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Thomas Hone and Norman Friedman, "Innovation and Administration in the Navy Department: The Case of the Nevada Design," 45/2: 57-62.
  • Edward Longacre, "Black Troops in the Army of the James, 1863-65," 45/1: 1-8.
  • John Y. Simon, "Grant at Belmont," 45/4: 161-166.
  • Philip Towle, "The Montreux Convention as a Regional Arms Control Treaty-Negotiation and Practice," 45/3: 121-126.

1980 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Don W. Alexander, "French Replacement Methods during the Peninsular War, 1808-1814," 44/4: 192-197.
  • Harry R. Borowski, "Air Force Atomic Capability from V-J Day to the Berlin Blockade-Potential or Real?," 44/3: 105-110.
  • Edward Hagerman, "The Reorganization of Field Transportation and Field Supply in the Army of the Potomac, 1863: The Flying Column and Strategic Mobility," 44/4: 182-186.
  • Dennis Showalter, "The Retaming of Bellona: Prussia and the Institutionalization of the Napoleonic Legacy, 1815-1876," 44/2: 57-63.

1979 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Sylvia Frey, "Courts and Cats: British Military Justice in the Eighteenth Century," 43/1: 5-11.
  • Robert Griffith, Jr. "Quality Not Quantity: The Volunteer Army During the Depression," 43/4: 171-177.
  • Ronald Haycock, "The American Legion in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1917: A Study in Failure," 43/3: 115-119.
  • Michael Peszke, "Poland's Preparation for World War Two," 43/1: 18-25.

1978 Moncado Prize Winners:
An AMI awards committee becomes responsible for the selection of the Moncado Prize
  • Harriette L. Handler, "Another View of Operation Crossword: A Revision of Kolko," 42/2: 68-74.
  • Arthur Gilbert, "Charles Jenkinson and the Last Army Press, 1779," 42/1: 7-11.
  • John F. Shiner, "Birth of the GHQ Air Force," 42/3: 113-120.
  • S. J. Stearns, "A Problem of Logistics in the Early 17th Century: The Siege of Re," 42/3: 121-126.

1977 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Don R. Bowen "Quantrill, James, Younger, et al.: Leadership in a Guerrilla Movement, Missouri, 1861-1865," 41/1: 42-48.
  • Martin Kitchen, "Friedrich Engels Theory of War," 41/3: 119-124.
  • John Lynn, "French Opinion and the Military Resurrection of the Pike, 1792-1794," 41/1: 1-7.
  • William Shea, "Virginia at War, 1644-1646," 41/3: 142-147.

1976 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Don Alexander, "French Military Problems in Counterinsurgent Warfare in Northeastern Spain, 1808-1813," 40/3: 117-122.
  • Russell Gilmore, "'The New Courage': Rifles and Soldier Individualism, 1876-1918," 40/3: 97-102.
  • Jonathan House, "The Decisive Attack: A New Look at French Infantry Tactics on the Eve of World War I," 40/4: 164-169.
  • Gunther E. Rothenberg, "Nobility and Military Careers: The Habsburg Officer Corps, 1740-1914," 40/4: 182-186.

1975 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Glen St. John Barclay "Singapore Strategy: The Role of the United States in Imperial Defense," 39/2: 54-59.
  • J. Bowyer Bell "The Conciliation of Insurgency: The Sudanese Experience," 39/3: 105-114.
  • Brereton Greenhous, "Evolution of a Close Ground-Support Role for Aircraft in World War I," 39/1: 22-28.
  • Clark G. Reynolds, "American Strategic History and Doctrines: A Reconsideration," 39/4: 181-191.

1974 Moncado Prize Winners:
Awards not announced in Military Affairs of that year. Victor Gondos's death complicates the awards process.
  • Alan Wilt, ""Shark" and `Harpoon": German Cover Operations Against Great Britain in 1941," 38/1: 1-4.
  • Raymond G. O'Connor, "The U.S. Marines in the 20 Century: Amphibious Warfare and Doctrinal Debates," 38/3: 97-103.
  • Edward Ezell, "Cracks in the Post War Anglo-American Alliance: The Great Rifle Controversy, 1947-1957," 38/4: 138-140.

1973 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Gerald R. Kleinfeld and Lewis Tambs, "North to Russia: The Spanish Blue Division in World War II," 37/1: 8-13.
  • Gunther E. Rothenberg, "The Habsburg Army in the Napoleonic Wars," 37/1: 1-5.
  • Ronald Schaffer, "General Stanley D. Embick: Military Dissenter," 37/3: 89-95.

1972 Moncado Prize Winners:

1971 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Richard W. Steele, "Political Aspects of American Military Planning, 1941-1942," 35/2: 68-74.
  • Arthur L. Funk, "Eisenhower, Giraud, and the Command of 'Torch'," 35/3: 103-108.

1970 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Peter Paret, "Nationalism and the Sense of Military Obligation," 34/1: 2-6.
  • K. Jack Bauer, "The United States Navy and Texas Independence: A Study in Jacksonian Integrity," 34/2: 44-48.

1969 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Richard Marcus, "The Connecticut Valley: A Problem in Intercolonial Defense," 33/1: 230-242.
  • Raymond Garthoff, "The Soviet Manchurian Campaign, August 1945," 33/2: 312-336.
  • Honorable Mention: Frank Cassell, "Baltimore in 1813: A Study of Urban Defense in the War of 1812," 33/3: 349-361.
  • Honorable Mention: Louis Cantor, "Elihu Root and the National Guard: Friend or Foe?," 33/3: 361-373.
  • Honorable Mention: Daniel Kevles, "Flash and Sound in the AEF: The History of a Technical Service," 33/3: 374-384.

1968 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Jeffrey Kimball, "The Battle of Chippewa: Infantry Tactics in the War of 1812," 31/4: 169-186.
  • James A. Huston, "The Logistics of Arnold's March to Quebec," 32/3: 110-124.

1967 Moncado Prize Winners:

1966 Moncado Prize Winners:

1965 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Graham A. Cosmas, "From Order to Chaos: The War Department, the National Guard, and Military Policy, 1898," 29/3: 105-122.
  • Commendation: Richard Blanco, "Reform and Wellington's Post Waterloo Army, 1815-1854," 29/3: 123-132.
  • Commendation: Kenneth L. Moll, "Politics, Power, and Panic: Britain's 1909 Dreadnought Gap," 29/3: 133-144.

1964 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Colonel John R. Elting, "Jomini: Disciple of Napoleon?," 28/1: 17-26.
  • John G. Moore, "The Batttle of Chantilly," 28/2: 49-63.

1963 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Jay Luvaas, "The First British Official Historians," 26/2: 49-58.
  • Richard Weinert, "The Confederate Regular Army," 26/3: 97-107.
  • Honorable Mention: Edward Coffman, "The Battle Against Red Tape: Business Methods of the War Department General Staff 1917-1918," 26/1: 1-10.
  • Honorable Mention: John Killigrew, "The Army and the Bonus Incident," 26/2: 59-65.
  • Honorable Mention: Josephine Cobb, "Photographers of the Civil War," 26/3: 127-135.

1962 Moncado Prize Winners:

1961 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ralph W. Donnelly, "Rocket Batteries of the Civil War," 235/2: 69-93.
  • Honorable Mention: John K Mahon, "Civil War Infantry Assault Tactics," 25/2: 57-68.

1960 Moncado Prize Winners:

1959 Moncado Prize Winners:

  • Col. Elbridge Colby, "Elihu Root and the National Guard," 23/1: 28-34+20.
  • Prof. Arvel B. Erickson, "Abolition of Purchase in the British Army," 23/2: 65-76.
  • Commendation for Russell Weigley, "The Military Thought of John M. Schofield," 23/2: 77-84.

December 15, 1958 - Award rules are again altered to include quarterly articles in Military Affairs

1957 - Award rules are altered to include articles in Military Affairs as eligible for the prize.

1956 - No prize awarded.

1955 Moncado Prize (manuscript/book)
  • Otis A Singletary, "The Negro Militia Movement during Radical Reconstruction"

1954 - No prize awarded.

1953 - No prize awarded.

1952 - No prize awarded.

1951 Moncado Prize (Thereafter, the prize became a biennial cash prize of $200 for any book length manuscript relating to "the military.")
  • J. Franklin Leach, "The Law, Theory, and Politics of Conscription in the United States" (a doctoral dissertation later published in 1952)
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