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MA, MS and PhD
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Department of History
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Military History Faculty
Geoffrey Wawro (PhD, Yale University, 1992)
- Modern European Military
- US in Middle East
Michael V. Leggiere (PhD, Florida State University, 1997)
- French Revolution and Napoleon
Robert Citino (PhD, Indiana University, 1984)
- World War II
- 20th Century US Military
Richard B. McCaslin (PhD, University of Texas, 1988)
- 19th Century US Military
Richard Lowe (PhD, University of Virginia, 1968)
- US Civil War
Guy Chet (PhD, Yale University, 2001)
- Early American military
- 18th century British military
- American Revolution
Harold Tanner (PhD, Columbia University, 1994)
- 20th Century China
Christopher J. Fuhrmann (PhD, University of North Carolina, 2005)
- Roman Military
- Ancient & Medieval History
Alfred Mierzejewski (PhD, University of North Carolina, 1985)
- Modern Germany
- Transportation
- Air Power

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