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Military history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill partners with the Duke History department in a collaborative program of common courses, sharing of faculty, and interchange in a number of areas. Students take courses at both institutions, use the military and associated historians for examinations and theses, and make use of the resources of both departments and universities. The Triangle Institute for Security Studies provides an additional venue for faculty and graduate students to study and interact on the issues of national and international security broadly defined.
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MA and PhD
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Wayne Lee
Department of History
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3195

Military History Faculty
William L. Barney (PhD, Columbia University, 1971)
- Social and Political History of 19th-Century America
Christopher R. Browning (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1975)
- Modern Germany
- Holocaust Studies
Marcus Bull (Ph.D. London 1991)
- Crusades
Joseph T. Glatthaar (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1983)
- American Military History
- Civil War
Karen Hagemann, (PhD, Hamburg University, 1989)
- Modern German and European history of military and war (18-20 C.)
- Cultural and gender history of the nation, the military, and war
Klaus Larres (Ph.D. Cologne 1992)
- Cold War; Transatlantic diplomatic
Miguel La Serna (Ph.D. UCSD 2008)
- Latin America; Peru; Insurgency
Wayne Lee (PhD, Duke University, 1999)
- Early Modern military history
Roger W. Lotchin (PhD, University of Chicago, 1969)
- Urban Political History, 1800 to present
- American West
Terence I. McIntosh (PhD, Yale University, 1989)
- Early Modern Europe
Michael Cotey Morgan (Ph.D. Yale 2010)
- Cold War; International History; Human Rights
Fred Naiden (Ph.D. Harvard 2000)
- Ancient military history; leadership
Donald Raleigh (PhD, Indiana University, 1978)
- 20th Century Russian/Soviet History

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