Royal Military College of Canada

Degrees Offered:
MA and PhD
Point of Contact:
Dr. Robert St. John
War Studies
Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, STN Forces
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7K 7B4
1-613-541-6000 ext. 6701

Military History Faculty
Brian J. C. McKercher (PhD, University of London)
- International History
- British Diplomatic History
- British Foreign Policy History
Joel J. Sokolsky (PhD, Harvard University)
- Canadian Foreign and Defence Poicy
- US Foreign and Defence Policy
- Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control
Michael A. Hennessy (PhD, University of New Brunswick)
- Canadian Naval History
- Intelligence Studies
- Technology and Warfare
- International History
- US and Canadian Military History
Ronald G. Haycock (PhD, University of Western Ontario)
- Canadian Military History
- Defence Procurement
- Theories of War
Scot Robertson (PhD, University of New Brunswick)
- Air Power History
- Strategic Studies
- International History
- Military Theory
James S. Finan (PhD, University of London)
- Nuclear Weapons & Arms Balance
- Quantitative Methods & Modelling
- Strategic Studies

War Studies is an established field dedicated to an examination of the phenomenon of war and peace. It brings scholarly insight and academic discipline to bear on the practical issues of defence policy, strategic planning as well as the operational aspects of modern warfare. The War Studies Programme seeks to balance practical military concerns with the high demands of scholarship at the graduate level. The five principal areas of research are, Military History, Intelligence Studies, International Relations, Defence Policy and Defence Economics. It draws on over 20 faculty from the Departments of History, Politics and Economics and Military Psychology, and over 20 adjunct faculty with unique expertise.
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