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MA in War, Media and Society
MA in First World War Studies
PhD Supervision
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Professor Mark Connelly,
School of History,
Rutherford College,
University of Kent,
CT2 7NZ,

Tel: +44 (0) 1227 823424

Military History Faculty
Dr Julie Anderson (PhD, University of Leicester, 2001)
Senior Lecturer in the History of Modern Medicine
- War and Medicine
Professor Ian Beckett (PhD, University of London, 1975)
Honorary Professor of Military History
- The Victorian Army
- The British Amateur Military Tradition
- The First World War
Dr Timothy Bowman (PhD, University of Luton, 1999)
Senior Lecturer in History
- Modern British and Irish Military History
- The Irish Amateur Military Tradition
- The First World War
Dr Ambrogio Caina (PhD, University of Cambridge, 2009)
Lecturer in Modern European History
- Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and Italy
Professor Mark Connelly (PhD, University of London, 1995)
Professor of Modern British Military History
- The Two World Wars
- The Falklands War
- Commemoration of War
Dr Mario Draper (PhD, University of Kent, 2016)
Lecturer in European Military History. 
- Army and Society in Belgium
- The First World War
Dr Stefan Goebel (PhD, University of Cambridge, 2002)
Senior Lecturer in History
- Experience and Memory of the Two World Wars
- The Impact of War on Urban Areas
Professor Gaynor Johnson (PhD, University of Wales, 1996)
Professor of History
- Origins and Consequences of Modern War
- British Foreign Relations
Dr Mark Lawrence (PhD, University of Liverpool, 2008)
Lecturer in History. 
- Napoleonic Warfare
- Carlist Wars
- Spanish Civil War 
Dr Juliette Pattinson (PhD, University of Lancaster, 2004)
Reader in History
- War and Gender
- Second World War

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