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Dr. Garth Pratten
Strategic & Defence Studies Centre
Australian National University
Level 3, Hedley Bull Centre Building # 130
Garran Road
Canberra ACT 0200
(+61 2) 6125-9921

Military History Faculty
Prof Joan Beaumont (PhD KCL)
- First and Second World Wars
- Australia at war in the 20th century
- War and memory in Australia
- History of law of warfare
- History of Australian foreign policy and diplomacy
Dr Jean Bou (PhD UNSW)
- First World War
- Australian military history
- Cavalry and mounted warfare of the 19th & 20th Centuries
- Boer War
Dr Peter Dean (PhD UNSW)
- Australian military history
- Second World War, particularly the South West Pacific Area 1942-1945
- US-Australian alliance and military cooperation
- Amphibious and expeditionary warfare
- Cold War history
Dr Russell Glenn (PhD U Kansas)
- Peacekeeping and stability operations
- Urban warfare
- Combat cohesion
- Counter-insurgency
Prof Daniel Marston (Phd Oxon)
- 18th–20th Century warfare
- Land operations
- Contemporary operating environment
- Counter-insurgency
Dr Garth Pratten (PhD Deakin)
- Australian military history
- Command
- Land operations (particulalry Second World War)
- Counter-insurgency
- Peace support operations
Prof David Horner (PhD ANU)
- Australian military history
- Command
- Peacekeeping and stability operations
- Conduct of military operations
Dr John Blaxland (PhD RMC Canada)
- Intelligence and Security
- Australian military history and strategy
- Defence studies
- International relations, notably on South-east Asia (Thailand and Burma/Myanmar) and North America, (Canada and the United States)
Dr Rhys Crawley (PhD UNSW)
- First World War
- Intelligence and Security
- Logistics
- Cold War history
Additional Information:
The Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC) is a multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to the study of the global strategic environment, Australia’s place in it, and the utility and application of armed force in international affairs.Thus history PhDs benefit not only from the guidance of the Centre's military historians, but also from insights from faculty members working in the related fields of strategic and security studies. SDSC has one of the largest concentrations of military historians in an Australian university. Their main research and supervision focus is on operational issues in the 20th and early 21st centuries but there is also expertise in alliance relationships, strategy, war as a historical and societal phenomenon, and war and memory.

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