SMH Facebook/Twitter Management Team

As part of the Society for Military History’s ongoing effort to make more effective use of social media, four of its members have been appointed to two-year terms to manage the society’s presence on Facebook and Twitter. All of these historians work for the U.S. Army at Fort Leavenworth, which should facilitate communication, coordination, and an equitable division of labor as we launch this effort. The fifth member of the team is the winner of the SMH Mark Grimsley Fellowship in Social Media.

The SMH Facebook and Twitter Management Team will post items of professional interest on the Society’s Facebook Group, serve as gatekeepers to ensure that only SMH members are admitted to the group, and monitor members’ postings to ensure they remain civil. They also oversee that Society's Twitter feed and the Society’s public Facebook Page, which serves as a public bulletin board for SMH activities and achievements.

The members of the SMH Facebook and Twitter Management Team are

  • Amber Batura, Texas Tech University, Chair
  • Gregory N. Stern
  • Miguel Lopez, US Air Force Academy
  • Sarah E. Patterson SNA International
  • Hayley Hasik, Graduate Student at the University of Southern Mississippi

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