Cameron Zinsou


Mississippi State University


Dr. Mary Kathryn Barbier

Academic Interests:

US Military History
European Military History
Warfare and Society 1789-1914
Political History
Identity, Race, Nationalism


The Strategic and Operational Debate over Operation Anvil: The Allied Invasion of Southern France in August, 1944

Bio Note:

Cameron graduated from the University of North Texas in May, 2010 with his B.A. in History.  He received his M.A. under Dr. Robert Citino  at UNT in May, 2013.  Cameron now studies at Mississippi State University under the direction of Dr. Mary Kathryn Barbier.  He will expand upon his thesis, transforming his work from an examination of the strategic and operational debate surrounding Operation Anvil/Dragoon into a comprehensive history of the campaign.  He will consider questions of transnational identity and social interactions among the myriad individuals on the ground in southern France.  Cameron hopes to meld the 'traditional' and the 'new' military history in his dissertation.

In addition to history, Cameron's other passion in life is soccer.

Updated February 2016