Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Last Updated February 2018

Note: This list includes only those articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History. Articles scheduled to appear in special issues of The JMH will be listed separately when the contents of those numbers have been finalized.

  • “Attila’s Appetite: The Logistics of Attila the Hun’s Invasion of Italy in 452.” By Jason Linn.
  • “Power in a Cohort: The Development of Early Scandinavian Military Tactics.” By Are Skarstein Kolberg
  • “The Battle of Ain Al-Mallaha, 19th June 1157.” By Michael Ehrlich
  • “Medieval Strategy and the Economics of Conquest.” By Clifford Rogers
  • “’This French artillery is very good and very effective’: Hypotheses on the Diffusion of New Military Technology in Renaissance Italy.” By Fabrizio Ansani
  • “Guibert vs. Guibert: Competing Notions in the Essai Général de Tactique (1770) and the Défense du Système de Guerre Moderne (1779).” By Julia Osman
  • “Perception and Naval Dominance: The British Experience during the War of 1812.” By Kevin McCranie
  • “Avast Swabbing! The Medical Campaign to Reform Swabbing the Decks in the U.S. Navy.” By Michael Crawford
  • “The Red Cross, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Origins of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in the Spanish-American War.” By David Krueger
  • “Buffalo Soldiers in Africa: African American Officers in Liberia, 1910-1942.” By Brian Shellum
  • “The Treatment of Prisoners of War Held by the Greek Army during the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.” By Panagiotis Delis
  • “French Intelligence on the Russian Army on the Eve of the First World War.” By Keith Armes
  • “’Not only useless but dangerous?’ The Portuguese Expeditionary Corps in France in the Aftermath of the Battle of La Lys, 9 April 1918.” By Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses
  • “Canadian Military Culture and Tactical Training, 1940-1944: The Making of Infantry Junior NCOs.” By Caroline D’Amours
  • “Learning to Win: The Evolution of U.S. Navy Doctrine during the Guadalcanal Campaign (1942-43).” By Trent Hone
  • “Friction in Action: Revisiting the U.S. Army Air Forces’ August 1943 Raid on Ploesti.” By Kenneth Werrell
  • “Older German Officers and National Socialist Activism: Evidence from the German Volkssturm.” By David Yelton
  • “The Mufti’s Men: Haj Amin al-Husayni and SS Parachute Expeditions to Palestine and Iraq, 1944-1945.” By Perry Biddiscombe
  • “Sexual Violence during the Occupation of Japan.” By Brian Walsh
  • “The Loss of the USS Thresher and the Transformation of the Cold War U.S. Navy Submarine Force.” By Joel I. Holwitt

  • “Did Vikings Really Go Berserk? A Critical Interdisciplinary Analysis of Berserks.” By Are Skarstein Kolberg

Historiographical essay
  • “Death Ride of the Panzers? Recent Historiography on the Battle of Kursk (July-August 1943).” By Martijn Lak