Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Last Updated January 2019

Note: This list includes only those articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History. Articles scheduled to appear in special issues of The JMH will be listed separately when the contents of those numbers have been finalized.

  • “Decimation and Unit Cohesion: Why were Roman Legionaries Willing to Perform Decimation?” By Elizabeth Pearson
  • “Attila’s Appetite: The Logistics of Attila the Hun’s Invasion of Italy in 452.” By Jason Linn.
  • “The Battle of the Gates of Trajan, 986: A Reassessment.” By Matthew Larnach.
  • “The Siege of Montfort and Mamluk Artillery Technology in 1271: Integrating the Archaeology and Topography with Narrative Sources.” By Michael S. Fulton.
  • “’This French artillery is very good and very effective’: Hypotheses on the Diffusion of Military Technology in Renaissance Italy.” By Fabrizio Ansani.
  • “Determining Early Modern European Army Strength: The Case of Electoral Saxony.” By Lucia Staiano- Daniels
  • “Under the Uniform: Tyrants and Praetorians in the Aftermath of Revolution (1829-1854).” By Manuel Santirso
  • “The Red Cross, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Origins of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in the Spanish-American War (1898).” By David Krueger
  • “War as it might have been: British Sea Power and the First World War.” By David Morgan-Owen.
  • “’A new and deadly game’: British Sporting Culture during the Great War.” By Peter Donaldson.
  • “Men on the Margins: Representations of Colonial Troops in British and French Trench Newspapers of the Great War.” By Elizabeth Stice.
  • “The Rebirth and Progress of the Polish Military during the Interwar Years.” By Jacek Czarnecki.
  • “Failing to Speak the Same Language: The Roots of ‘Jointness’ in the United States, 1919-1939.” By Ryan Wadle.
  • “Women, Violence and the Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936-1939.” By Matthew Hughes.
  • “Older German Officers and National Socialist Activism: Evidence from the Volkssturm.” By David Yelton.
  • “Engineering the Fighter Pilot: Aviators, Anti-G Suits and Allied Air Power, 1940-1953.” By Peter Hobbins.
  • “The Survival of Auftragstaktik during the Soviet Counterattack in the Battle for Moscow, December 1941 to January 1942.” By Miguel A. Lopez.
  • “Royal Air Force Bomber Command, the ‘Overlord Diversion’ and ‘Precision’ Bombing at Night.” By William A. Jacobs.
  • “Stealing a March: The Superiority of the Japanese Imperial Navy’s Underway Fueling Capability to that of the U.S. Navy.” By David C. Fuquea.
  • “Friction in Action: Revisiting the U.S. Army Air Forces’ August 1943 Raid on Ploesti.” By Kenneth Werrell.
  • “’Scientific Ammunition to Fire at Congress’: Intelligence, Reparations, and the U.S. Army Air Forces, 1944-1947.” By Stephen Petrina.
  • “Singapore, Hong Kong and the Royal Navy’s War in Korea, c. 1950-1953.” By Joshua-John Seah.
  • “Cautious Hawk: Maxwell Taylor and the Path to War in Vietnam.” By Ingo Trauschweizer.