The Edwin H. Simmons Award

The Edwin H. Simmons Award (formerly the Victor Gondos Award) is presented for long, distinguished or particularly outstanding service to the Society for Military History.

2018 Prize presented to:
Joseph C. Fitzharris, Professor Emeritus of History, University of St. Thomas
Previous recipients include:
Jeffrey Grey, Late President of the Society, 2017
Gregory J. W Urwin, 2016
Susannah Ural, 2015
Frank J. Wetta, 2014
Joseph T. Glatthaar, 2013
Brian M. Linn, 2012
Joseph Fitzharris, 2011
Alex Roland, 2010
Carol Reardon, 2009
Wendy Vandervort, 2008
Larry Bland, 2007
Robert Berlin, 2006
Timothy K. Nenninger, 2005
Jerry M. Cooper, 2004
Kurt Hackemer, 2003
Dennis Showalter, 2002
The Editors and Staff of the Journal of Military History, 2001
Charles R. Shrader, 2000
Graham A. Cosmas, 1999
Ira D. Gruber, 1998
Henry S. Bausum, 1997
Richard H. Kohn, 1996
Roy K. Flint, 1995
Allan R. Millett, 1994
James L. Collins, Jr., 1993
Jeffrey Greenhut, 1992
Edwin H. Simmons, 1991
Harold D. Langley, 1990
Richard P. Weinert, 1989
Pauline Norby, 1988
NO AWARD, 1987
Robin Higham, 1986
B. Franklin Cooling, 1985
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