Samuel Eliot Morison Prize

The Samuel Eliot Morison Prize recognizes not any one specific achievement, but a body of contributions in the field of military history, extending over time and reflecting a spectrum of scholarly activity contributing significantly to the field.

2018 Prize presented to:
Sir Hew Strachan, Professor of International Relations at the University of St Andrews
Previous recipients include:
John A. Lynn II, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2017
Conrad C. Crane, Army Heritage and Education Center, United States Army War College, 2016
Joseph T. Glatthaar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2015
Rick Atkinson, Washington, DC, 2014
Ira D. Gruber, Rice University, 2013
Ronald H. Spector, The George Washington University, 2012
Gerhard Weinberg, University of North Carolina, 2011
Peter Maslowski, University of Nebraska, 2010
Richard Kohn, University of North Carolina, 2009
Jeremy Black, University of Exeter, 2008
James McPherson, 2007
Robert Doughty, 2006
Dennis Showalter, 2005
Allan R. Millett, 2004
Edward J. Drea, 2003
John Shy, 2002
Richard Overy, 2001
David M. Glantz, 2000
Geoffrey N. Parker, 1999
Stephen E. Ambrose, 1998
Robert M. Utley, 1997
John Keegan, 1996
Martin Blumenson, 1995
Harold C. Deutsch, 1994
Peter Paret, 1993
Sir Michael Howard, 1992
I. B. Holley, Jr., and Theodore Ropp, 1991
Edward M. Coffman, 1990
Russell F. Weigley, 1989
No Award, 1988
Forrest C. Pogue, 1987
Alvin D. Coox, 1986
Robin Higham, 1985
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