For Graduate Students

Graduate students represent the future of the Society and of military history in general. This page collects a number of resources from across the Society’s web site that will be of interest to current and future graduate students:

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about how the Society might better serve you as a graduate student, your graduate student representative is Cameron Zinsou of Mississippi State University. Mr. Zinsou can be reached directly by email or by using this contact form.

SMH Mentorship Program

Just starting out in military history?  First time at the SMH’s annual conference (or only been a few times)?  Want to chat with someone who’s an established part of the field?  Sign up for the SMH’s mentorship program.  This year, at the SMH conference in Jacksonville, FL, those interested can sign up to have a one on one discussion (and coffee!) with a senior military historian, to ask about the field, to talk about the conference, and generally to engage with someone who has been part of the Society for years.  This is a really good way to get your bearings both at the conference and in the field of military history itself.  The SMH will even buy the coffee.

For a list of SMH mentors and to sign up, go to