Carole Butcher


Norwich University


Dr. John Grenier

Academic Interests:

Indian Wars
The Dakota Uprising of 1862
Obscure military engagements


Fire and Sword: Banastre Tarleton and the American Revolution in the South

Bio Note:

Carole Butcher earned her Master's Degree in Military History from Norwich University.  She is an experienced freelance writer.  Her articles have appeared in magazines as varied as Beckett Baseball Monthly, Podiatry Management, and Health Progress, as well as numerous local newspapers.  Her article "A Bloody Sport Indeed: Tournaments in Medieval Europe" was published in Military Heritage.  "The First Scalp for Custer" will appear in Nebraska Life, and "Guns Along the St. Lawrence" will be published in Armchair General.  Her thesis examined the role of Banastre Tarleton in what was essentially civil war during the American Revolution in the South.  She is currently working on a paper about the Battle of Birch Coulee during the Dakota Uprising.

Carole is owner of The Wordsmith Shop.  She writes public relations articles for businesses and also writes and edits professional documents.

Added May 2012