The Society for Military HistoryThe intellectual home for military historians worldwide

The intellectual home for military historians worldwide

Established in 1933 as the American Military History Foundation, renamed in 1939 the American Military Institute, and renamed again in 1990 the Society for Military History, the Society is devoted to stimulating and advancing the study of military history. Its membership (today more than 2700) has included many of the world's most prominent scholars, soldiers, and citizens interested in military history.

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Society for Military History
Nominations for Candidates for President, Vice President and Trustees

The Society welcomes nominations of qualified candidates for the positions of: President, Vice President and Trustees. The President serves for two years, the Vice President serves for two years and then serves two years as President. Trustees are elected for four-year terms. Terms of office begin at the close of the April 2015 annual meeting. Candidates must be members of the Society in good standing and must agree to serve if elected.

Send nominations (including name, contact information and nomination statement with biographical data) via email by October 1, 2014 to the chair of the Nominations Committee and Past President Joseph T. Glatthaar,

Members of the Nominations Committee are: Joseph T. Glatthaar (Chair), UNC, Chapel Hill; John W. Hall, University of Wisconsin and Carol Reardon, Pennsylvania State University.

From the Society’s Constitution:

ARTICLE V. Elections

Section 1 A Nominating Committee shall select a slate of candidates for Trustees, Vice President, and President, choosing at least two candidates for each vacancy except, at its discretion, for the Presidency and/or Vice Presidency when a serving President and/or Vice President is running for re-election. No person shall be a candidate who is not a member in good standing and who has not agreed to serve if elected. The slate of candidates shall be prepared at least two months before the election date; the same shall be delivered to the Executive Director for the preparation of the ballot. Upon receipt before the preparation of the ballot of a written request signed by at least fifteen members in good standing, the Nominating Committee shall add the name requested to the slate of candidates.

The Annual George C. Marshall Lecture in Military History

Sponsored by the George C. Marshall Foundation and the Society for Military History
will be delivered by

Mark A. Stoler
Professor Emeritus of History, University of Vermont
Editor, The Papers of George Catlett Marshall

“George C. Marshall and the ‘Europe First’ Strategy, 1939-1951:
A Study in Diplomatic as Well as Military History”

At the American Historical Association Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 4, 2015, 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
New York Hilton Midtown, Rendezvous Trianon, Third Floor

Reception, 7:00-8:00 PM

New York Hilton Midtown, Petit Trianon

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The Society is pleased to make its members aware of the New Books in Military History channel of the New Books Network. The site features discussions with military historians as well as announcements and summaries of newly published books in military history.

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