Roger Lee Pessoa de Jesus


University of Coimbra


Dr. João Marinho dos Santos and Dr. João Paulo Oliveira e Costa

Academic Interests:

Portuguese discoveries and expansion
Impact of European warfare in Asia
Early Modern Military History
History of Military Technology
Siege Warfare


The Governance of the Portuguese "Estado da Índia" by D. João de Castro (1545-1548) in the Imperial Strategy of King D. João III

Bio Note:

Roger Lee de Jesus is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Previously, he completed an M.A. in Early Modern History at Coimbra with a thesis on the second siege of the Diu Portuguese fortress in India in 1546. Roger’s current research examines the governance of the "Estado da Índia" by D. João de Castro, the governor and viceroy between 1545 and 1548. D. João de Castro governed Portuguese India during a turbulent period of political and military tension, including the war against the Sultanate of Gujarat and the Adil Shah of Bijapur, the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into the Persian Gulf, and the strengthening of King’s D. João III’s overseas policy. Roger’s research aims to understand the Portuguese “Estado da Índia” not only as one part of the Portuguese Empire, but also as an important connective space.

Roger is also a collaborator at the Center for History of Society and Culture (Centro de História da Sociedade e da Cultura) at the University of Coimbra and as well as at the Center for Overseas History (Centro de História de Além-Mar) with the New University of Lisbon and Azores University.

Added April 2013