Michael Songer


Arizona State University


Dr. Penelope Moon

Academic Interests:

Military History
Exploration of the American West
Strategy and Foreign Policy

Bio Note:

Michael Songer recently earned his M.A. in History from Arizona State University. His final project was “The Nez Perce War: Prelude and Battles of Consequence,” in which Michael argues the three most important factors to the outcome of the Nez Perce War were, the failure to negotiate a peaceful resettlement of bands of the Nez Perce onto reservation land per the Treaty of 1863, the Battle of White Bird Canyon, and the Battle of Bear Paw. Michael previously received his B.A. in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Organizational Law Enforcement Leadership from American Military University in 2014.

Prior to his time at Arizona State University, Michael served for seven and a half years as a Security Forces Member in the United States Air Force, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant. From 2007 through 2014 Michael’s service would take him around the globe, including two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq.

Added December 2016