Jason C. Engle


University of Southern Mississippi


Dr. Jeff Bowersox

Academic Interests:

Modern European History, more specifically the late Habsburg Empire and Imperial Germany;
War and Society, with an emphasis on the First World War and Interwar Period;
Social and Cultural History



Bio Note:

Jason Engle received his BS in Business Administration from Union College in 1997. After working in information technology for 10 years, Jason returned to school, completing his MA in Military History at Norwich University in 2008. His dissertation will tentatively examine the ‘trench culture’ of Austro-Hungarian soldiers during the First World War. A comparative wealth of scholarship exists on experience the British “Tommy,” the French “poilu,” the American “Dough Boy,” and more recently, the experience of German troops on the Western Front. Much of that literature reveals their attitudes toward the war, their motivations, and the ways they coped with the daily drudgeries and horrors of war, as well as how they related to their comrades-in-arms, and their perceptions of the enemy. By contrast, scholars have paid comparatively little attention to Austria-Hungary as a belligerent in the Great War, much less to the minutia of the day-to-day lives of its soldiers. Jason’s dissertation will, in this way, contribute to filling this gap in First World War scholarship, posing the question of how did the soldiers of this multi-national, multi-lingual army interact with one another? Did nationalist parliamentary politics permeate and affect attitudes toward their comrades-in-arms? What was the impact of this hyper-diversity on the development of camaraderie and unit cohesion?

Added October 2011