Hyeok Hweon Kang


Harvard University


Professor Sun Joo Kim; Professor Carter Eckert

Academic Interests:

Global Military History
War and Society
East Asian History
Military Revolution


Korea's Gunpowder Age: Guns, Garrisons and Military Urbanism, 1592–1910

Bio Note:

I am a PhD Candidate in History and East Asian Languages at Harvard University. My research examines gunpowder warfare in the early modern period (1500–1800), with geographical focus on Korea and East Asia. My dissertation studies Korea’s assimilation of global musketry warfare in the seventeenth century, and its impact on governance, commerce and urban development in the late Chos┼Ćn (1600–1910). My works can also be found on the Military Revolution, a debate about the origins of Western ascendancy in global warfare, where I contributed comparative studies of technological and tactical aptitude between armies of Europe and East Asia. Methodologically pluralist, I draw on global military history, digital history and the history of technology.

Added September 2017