Dennis H. Berger


Texas Tech University - PhD Candidate


Dr. Ron Milam

Academic Interests:

Modern United States Military (1945-Present)
Modern United States
Modern Europe


An Examination of Army and Air Force Enlisted Personnel During the Cold War: A Search for Agency

Bio Note:

Dennis Berger is a PhD candidate currently writing his dissertation. The work focuses on the changes in the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Army and Air Force during the Cold War years, specifically 1945-1990. The works seeks to determine to what extent changes among the individuals who constituted the enlisted force drove changes in military policy towards them, specifically regarding the granting of more responsibility, authority, and autonomy. It is his contention that a great many of the reforms in this regard were implemented because of input from the enlisted ranks.

Dennis Berger is a recipient of the Drs. Otto Nelson and Allan Kuethe Scholarship awarded by the history department at Texas Tech University. In June 2011 he presented a paper title “The Continuing Debate Over the role of Aviation in the American Military Services” at the Society for Military History’s annual meeting in Chicago.

Added June 2012