David Krueger


Harvard University


Walter Johnson

Academic Interests:

19th Century United States
Race and Gender in the Military
American Foreign Policy


To Enlist and Employ: African American and Native American Soldiers in the United States Army, 1866-1897

Bio Note:

David Krueger is an instructor of history at the United States Military Academy at West Point and a PhD Candidate in American History at Harvard University. A Captain in the Aviation Branch, he served as an OH-58D Helicopter pilot in Operation Enduring Freedom. He specializes in the history of the United States Army in the 19th Century, with articles published or pending publication on the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican-American War and the origins of the Army Nursing Corps in the Spanish-American War. His current project is his dissertation, which studies the enlistment and experience of African American and Native American soldiers in the Regular Army of the United States from 1866-1897.

Added November 2017