Christopher Blaker


Oakland University


Dr. Karen Miller

Academic Interests:

Twentieth Century American Military History
United States Marine Corps
Military Unit Organization


Organizing for War: The Marine Corps M-Series Infantry Battalion in Vietnam

Bio Note:

Christopher Blaker is a M.A. student at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. His research interests include American military experiences in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. In 2014 he graduated magna cum laude from Albion College with a B.A. in History. His undergraduate departmental thesis, “Over Here, Over There: Michigan Stories of World War II,” combined political and institutional histories with personal accounts of Michigan servicemen to explore the Second World War's cultural influence on the state. During the summer of 2015, Christopher interned with the History Division of the United States Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, where he contributed to projects detailing seagoing duty during World War II and Marine Corps operations in Afghanistan. Christopher's current master's thesis is being composed on the subject of Marine Corps infantry battalion organization during the War in Vietnam, and whether such organizations had any influence on the conduct of the war or its history. He currently serves on the editorial board of The Oakland Journal, Oakland University's academic journal.

Added January 2016

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