Christian Keimer


American Military University



Academic Interests:

World War II (Eastern Front)
Air-to-Ground Integration



Bio Note:

Christian Keimer is a retired Luftwaffe Lieutenant Colonel and jet-pilot. Having spent 21 years in the German Air Force as an aviator, operations and intelligence officer, and a specialist for Air-to-Ground integration, he is still an active reservist as an Air Liaison Officer for a German Army brigade. He completed 6 operational tours in Afghanistan and accumulated over 1,800 hours in the fighter bomber Tornado.

Today he works as a freelance aviation and unmanned aerial systems consultant.

Christian graduated from the Frankfurt – University of Applied Sciences in summer 2016 with a B.A. in International Business Admiration and he received his MA of Science in Aeronautics from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in December 2016. Currently he is enrolled in the Master of Arts in Military History program at the American Military University with the concentration on the Second World War. He is especially interested the Operation Barbarossa and the integration of air support of the Luftwaffe in the ground operations of the Heer.

Added February 2017