Alex Nordlund


University of Georgia


John H. Morrow, Jr.

Academic Interests:

Britain and the First World War
War in literary, intellectual, and cultural history


‘Please Remember Me Most Kindly’: Britain and the Practice of Letter-Writing in the First World War (working title)

Bio Note:

Originally from the Chicago area, Alex Nordlund is a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia. He received his B.A. in History from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has M.A.’s from the University of Georgia in History and from King’s College London in the History of Warfare. His past projects have focused on a variety of topics centered on the interaction between war and culture, ranging from the tale of future wars in pre-First World War British literature to the military-cultural discourse of war correspondents during the Russo-Japanese War and the reactions to the 11 November 1918 Armistice by soldiers on the Western Front. He also has a secondary interest in the intellectual history of H.G. Wells and his impact on shaping cultural memory of the First World War – or, the ‘war to end all wars’ that he wished it would have been. For his dissertation, Alex considers the nature of communication between soldiers and civilians found in the practice of letter-writing. Overall, he looks at the social, cultural, and military function of correspondence throughout the conflict and how it came to shape the later remembrance of the war. Additionally, he seeks to assess the impact of censorship, prewar identity, and trauma on such conversations between soldiers and civilians.

Updated May 2016