Russell F. Weigley Graduate Student Travel Grant Awards

The Russell F. Weigley Graduate Student Travel Grant Awards honor one of the great American military historians of the 20th century and support participation by promising graduate students in the Society's annual meeting.

The application process for the Weigley Graduate Student Travel Grant Awards is explained here.

2017 Weigley Awards:
Amer Batura, Texas Tech University
Avram Lytton, Kings College, London
Uyen (Carie) Nguyen, Texas Tech University
Mihai Poliec, Clark University
Natalie Shibley, University of Pennsylvania
Kate Tietzen, Kansas State University

2016 Weigley Awards:
Gregory Brew, Georgetown University
Dennis J. Cowles, University of Southern Mississippi
Christian Juergens, Florida State University
Julie Powell, The Ohio State University
Gary David Sellick, University of South Carolina
Robert Thompson, University of Southern Mississippi

2015 Weigley Awards:
Olivier Burtin, Princeton University
Daniel Fitzgerald Giblin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
David A. Harrisville, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Alexander Nordlund, University of Georgia, Athens
Lindsey R. Peterson, University of South Dakota
Tyler D. Sperrazza, Pennsylvania State University

2014 Weigley Awards:
Tyler Bamford, Temple University
Kyle Bracken, Florida State University
Jerome Devitt, Trinity College, Dublin
Ian Johnson, The Ohio State University
Mary Elizabeth Walters, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2013 Weigley Awards:
Caroline D’Amours, University of Ottawa
Margaret Hutchison, Australian National University
Theresa L. Monserrat, University of Southern Mississippi
Emily L. Swafford, University of Chicago

2012 Weigley Awards:
W. Mikkel Dack, University of Calgary
Matthew N. Bucholtz, University of Calgary
Christine E. Leppard, University of Calgary
Thomas Daniel Sheppard, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Christina C. Welsch, Princeton University
Gavin J. Wiens, University of Toronto

2011 Weigley Awards:
Daniel Bessner, Duke University
Martin Clemis, Temple University
Kimberly Lamay, University at Albany, State University of New York
Paul Ramsey, University of Calgary
Lon Strauss, University of Kansas
Corbin Williamson, Texas Tech University

2010 Weigley Awards:
Joshua Wolf, Temple University
John Southard, Texas Tech University
Alexander Herd. University of Calgary
Michael Geheran, Clark University
Joel Christenson, West Virginia University
Rob Shafer, Penn State University

2009 Weigley Awards:
Timothy Orr, Pennsylvania State University
Robyn Rodriguez, The Ohio State University
Shawn Fisher, University of Memphis
Triet Nguyen, University of Ottawa
Timothy Balzer, University of Victoria
John Mitcham, University of Alabama

2008 Weigley Awards:
Mathew Ford, King’s College, London
Andrew Hargreaves, King’s College, London
Lori Ann Henning, Texas A&M University
Eric Klinek, Temple University
Patrick J. Rose, King’s College, London
Jacqueline E. Whitt, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2007 Weigley Awards:
Barton A. Myers, University of Georgia
John R. Maass, Ohio State University
Jody Perrun, University of Manitoba
Angela Zombek, University of Florida
Jim Flook, University of Florida
Thomas Nester, Texas A&M University

2006 Weigley Awards:
L. Michael Allsep, University of North Carolina
Alexander Heard, University of Calgary
Heather P. Marshall, Duke University
Brian Neumann, Texas A&M University
J. Adam Rogers, Penn State University
Stephen I. Schwab, University of Alabama

2005 Weigley Awards:
Robert C. Blackstone, University of Kansas
John D. Hosler, University of Delaware
Kevin Levin, University of Richmond
John Maass, Ohio State University
Matthew S. Muehlbauer, Temple University
R. Boyd Murphree, Florida State University