Zachery Fry


The Ohio State University


Dr. Mark Grimsley

Academic Interests:

American Civil War
Nineteenth Century Military History
Early American History


Lincoln's Divided Legion: Loyalty and the Political Culture of the Army of the Potomac, 1861-1865.

Bio Note:

Zack Fry is completing his doctorate in military history at Ohio State under the direction of Dr. Mark Grimsley.  He graduated from Kent State University in 2010 after participating in the Gettysburg Semester at Gettysburg College.  

Zack's research focus is on the Civil War and soldier ideology.  His dissertation examines the political culture of the Army of the Potomac and its various units through the lens of military participation in the northern public sphere.  He has also examined the interconnectedness of disease, physical hardship, and Union soldiers' advocacy of hard war in the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, as well as the role of officer education in the United States Colored Troops in 1863-64.  His interest in the political culture of the Union Army has led him to a side project editing the Civil War letters of General John Gibbon of "Iron Brigade" fame.  Zack is a 2016 dissertation fellow with the U.S. Army Center of Military History.

Updated June 2016