Sarah K. Douglas


The Ohio State University


Dr. John Guilmartin

Academic Interests:

Military History
Medieval History
East Asian History


The Great Pestilence: The Black Death and its Effects Upon Military Logistical Preparation in England during the Hundred Years' War

Bio Note:

Sarah Douglas graduated with Honors in the Liberal Arts from The Ohio State University in 2007 with Distinction in History. She completed her Masters Degree in 2009 at OSU and achieved candidacy in 2010 focusing on the fields of military history with Dr. John Guilmartin and Dr. Geoffrey Parker, medieval history with Dr. Barbara Hanawalt, and East Asian history with Dr. Patricia Sieber.

Her dissertation will discuss the effects of the Black Plague upon military requisitioning in England during the 100 Years' War. In addition to serving on the Graduate Student Council and in the University Senate, she has been the recipient of an Ohio State Graduate Enrichment Fellowship as well as multiple History Department awards for her dissertation research. She has also been the recipient of multiple Bradley Foundation Fellowships and was a fellow at the West Point Summer Seminar in Military History in 2010. She hopes to complete her dissertation, with advisors Dr. John Guilmartin, Dr. Barbara Hanawalt, and Dr. Clifford Rogers, in 2013.

Added December 2011