Ian Johnson


The Ohio State University


Dr. Jennifer Siegel

Academic Interests:

European Military History,
European Intelligence History
Russian/Soviet History
German History
History of Technology



Bio Note:

Ian Johnson is originally a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his BA from Claremont McKenna College in Los Angeles in 2009. Ian is currently finishing his MA Thesis on Soviet-German military cooperation in 1920s. The specific focus of the study is Panzertruppenschule Kama, a secret facility built near Kazan, Russia, to develop tank technology and train officers in armored warfare. It operated from 1926 until 1933, during which time four future German field marshals and more than a dozen future generals attended the school. Ian’s future research plans center around Soviet and German cooperation and conflict in the wars of the 1920s and 1930s - such as the First Polish-Soviet War, the Spanish Civil War and the Winter War- which presaged the Second World War.

Added December 2011